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The aura is an energetic field that surrounds the human body. It reflects our health, thoughts, emotions and spiritual state. The aura comprises of 7 layers or auric bodies, each with its own frequency and color. The innermost layer is closest to the body while the outermost extends far into the aura’s surrounding energy field.

The yellow green aura is associated with the 4th auric layer called the heart chakra layer. This layer reflects our emotions and relationships specifically love, balance and healing. So what does a predominant yellow green aura mean? Here’s a deeper look into the meaning and significance of this aura color.

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Characteristics and Personality Traits of a Yellow Green Aura

Individuals with a strong yellow green auric field are loving, compassionate and Possess strong nurturing qualities. They are natural healers and caretakers, always striving to mend broken hearts and relationships.

Their compassion extends not just to humans but also to animals and nature. They treat all living beings with love, respect and kindness. This gives them an approachable and friendly disposition that draws people towards them.

The yellow green aura personality is optimistic and hopeful. They have a positive attitude towards life and can see the good in everyone. Even in the bleakest of situations, they look for a silver lining and maintain faith. This optimism uplifts those around them.

Communication is a strength of the yellow green aura type. They are excellent listeners and patient advisors. Their non-judgemental and open minded nature makes people comfortable in confiding in them. They provide thoughtful solutions but allow others to make their own choices.

While the yellow green aura is warm, loving and giving by nature, they should be mindful of not getting taken advantage of. Their helpfulness should have healthy boundaries. Learning to say ‘no’ at times is essential for them.

The yellow green aura person has an innate connection to nature and animals. They enjoy being around plants, trees, flowers and pets. Nature has a therapeutic, calming effect on them.

Spending time doing gardening, horticulture, environmental conservation or veterinary sciences can be highly fulfilling for the yellow green aura individual. These allow them to express their natural empathy and healing abilities.

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Meaning of a Yellow Green Aura

The yellow green aura embodies the attributes of the heart chakra – love, balance, compassion and healing. So when we see a dominant yellow green hue in the aura, it points to the below interpretations:

  • Loving nature: The yellow green aura individual is caring, affectionate and giving in relationships. They form deep emotional bonds and value harmony in partnerships.
  • Healing abilities: They are natural healers of the heart and emotions. Their energy comforts and rejuvenates people in their presence. They enjoy professions of counseling, therapy and alternative healing.
  • Emotional balance: The yellow green aura person experiences a balance of the head and heart. They are rational yet warm, thoughtful yet kind. They make decisions factoring logic, compassion and intuition.
  • Sense of harmony: There is an inner harmony within the yellow green aura individual. Their thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with their core values. They also seek harmony in relationships and environments.
  • Peacefulness: The yellow green aura individual has a peaceful, patient and accepting attitude. They deal calmly with life’s ups and downs. Meditation comes naturally to them and enhances their serenity.
  • Empathy & compassion: Those with a yellow green aura feel compassion for the suffering of others. They have an exceptional ability to empathize and soothe emotional pain. This makes them excellent counselors and healers.
  • Optimism and hope: The yellow green aura person maintains faith no matter how bleak a situation seems. They focus on solutions and look at events as happening for the best reasons. This hope uplifts people around them.
  • Connection to nature: The yellow green aura individual shares a deep bond with nature, animals and living beings. Spending time outdoors rejuvenates their mind, body and spirit. They thrive in nature related careers.
  • Creativity: Those with a dominant yellow green aura express their natural empathy, harmony and healing abilities through creative pursuits like art, craft, music, dance or writing.
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Causes of a Strong Yellow Green Aura

Certain life experiences and milestones stimulate and amplify the 4th heart chakra energy center thus enhancing the yellow green auric field. These include:

1. Being in a romantic relationship: When we fall in love, our heart chakra opens fully and begins vibrating at a higher frequency. This amplifies the yellow green colors in the aura.

2. Becoming a parent: The heart chakra expands when we experience unconditional love for a child. The aura reflects this with a deeper yellow green energy field.

3. Loss of a loved one: Grieving the loss of someone beloved can also activate the heart chakra as we process the emotions. The yellow green aura provides comfort and healing during this period.

4. Following a spiritual calling: When we commit to a humanitarian, volunteer or spiritual practice centered around love and service, it stimulates the heart chakra and yellow green aura.

5. Emotional healing: Working to heal emotional wounds and overcome hurts strengthens the heart chakra. As inner conflicts resolve, the yellow green aura comes into balance.

6. Being in nature: Spending time in nature aligns us with the healing frequencies of the natural world. This activates the heart chakra and intensifies the yellow green aura.

7. Heart chakra treatments: Using reiki, crystals, aromatherapy or sound to purposely heal and open the heart chakra will amplify the yellow green aura field.

8. Yoga & meditation: Heart opening yoga poses and loving-kindness meditation energize the heart chakra. As the chakra vitalizes, it brightens the yellow green aura.

How to Balance and Strengthen a Yellow Green Aura

While a yellow green aura is typically positive, the shade of yellow or green and its clarity, thickness and flow can indicate areas for growth.

Here are some tips to bring the yellow green aura into full balance and brilliance:

  • Practice unconditional self-love and cut out self-criticism to invite more inner harmony.
  • Set healthy boundaries in relationships and learn to say ‘no’ at times. Avoid people-pleasing.
  • Release grudges and anger toward others. Forgiveness cleanses and activates the heart chakra.
  • Spend time in nature and interact with pets. This aligns you with heart chakra frequencies.
  • Do gentle heart opening yoga poses like camel, fish and lion pose.
  • Chant the bija mantra ‘YAM’ which vibrates at the heart chakra frequency.
  • Eat green vegetables and foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, avocado and green tea to nourish the heart chakra.
  • Apply a green tourmaline or jade stone on the heart chakra located at the center of the chest.
  • Diffuse essential oils like rose, jasmine, melissa and ylang ylang to stimulate the heart chakra.
  • Listen to Solfeggio music frequencies like 528 Hz and 639 Hz which align with the heart chakra.

As you take steps to heal, balance and open your heart chakra, your yellow green aura will glow vibrantly. The brightness and widened expanse of your aura reflects activation and amplification of the loving heart chakra energy.

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What is the meaning of a dark or muddy yellow green aura?

A darker, unclear yellow green aura indicates emotional blocks, resentment and jealously burdening the heart chakra. As these are resolved, the yellow green aura regains its lighter, luminous shade.

What causes gaps or holes in the yellow green aura layer?

Trauma, grief, heartbreak, emotional neglect in childhood or giving away one’s power can deplete the heart chakra energy. This creates gaps in the yellow green aura layer which need healing.

How can you tell if the yellow green aura is balanced?

When the yellow green aura layer is balanced, it will appear as a bright, clear band uniformly surrounding the body. It will have a smooth flow of energy with no cracks or spikes throughout the field.

What does it mean if someone’s yellow green aura is dirty green?

A dirty, muddy green aura indicates bitterness, envy, resentment or jealousy polluting the heart chakra. As these toxic emotions are cleansed, the pure green tones restore in the aura.

What does it mean if you have a pale yellow green aura?

A light, pale yellow green aura reflects low energy and vitality in the heart chakra. Causes could be grief, heartbreak or emotional detachment. Boosting the chakra through self-love, socializing and therapies brings back the aura’s vibrant colors.

Is a yellow green aura more common in certain people?

A dominant yellow green aura is often seen in individuals called to the healing and counseling professions. Teachers, veterinarians, nurses, therapists

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