Shamanic Journeying: A Guide to Exploring Non-Ordinary Realities

Shamanic journeying refers to the time-honored practice of entering altered states of consciousness to connect with spirits, gather information, and access transformative visions. Through rhythmic drumming or music, the shaman’s awareness detaches from the physical world and traverses inner realms of spirit, energy, and imagination. With proper preparation and guidance, anyone can embark on this powerful path of self-discovery.

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Preparing for a Shamanic Journey

Before journeying to other worlds, certain steps help create optimal conditions:

  • Set an intention – Clarify your purpose and desired outcome. Healing? Guidance? This focuses the journey.
  • Create sacred space – Purify the area by smudging with herbs like sage. Lay out meaningful power objects or talismans.
  • ** Grounding** – Stand barefoot on the earth. Feel roots extending from your feet into the soil, anchoring you.
  • Meditate briefly – Quiet your normal thinking mind. Release stress. Affirm your readiness.
  • Protective practices – Visualize a sphere of white light around your aura. Call supportive spirits or ancestors to protect your journey.
  • Prepare a journaling space – Keep paper nearby to record impressions afterward.
  • Drumming or rattling – Have a steady, monotonous percussion track ready to shift consciousness.

Entering a Shamanic Trance State

The journey unfolds by:

  • Laying down – Get comfortable lying down or reclining. Close your eyes. Relax the body completely.
  • Focusing on your breath – Take slow, deep breaths. Allow all senses to drift inward as you become centered in the present moment.
  • Journey drumming – Listen to a steady, monotonous drum beat of 4-7 beats per second. The repetitive pulse pulls awareness from normal reality.
  • Entrance – Visualize a portal or entrance to the spirit realms – a tunnel, hole, cave, whirlpool. Allow yourself to be drawn into it.
  • Transition – Let the drum carry you as scenes unfold. You may experience flying, floating, spinning. Surrender, trusting you are guided safely.
  • Arrival – You will arrive at a destination – upper, lower, or middle world. It may be strange or familiar. Take time to look around and stabilize.
  • Exploration – Interact with beings and objects you encounter. Ask questions. Seek information related to your intention. Receive gifts.
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Navigating the Spirit Worlds

Shamanic cosmology divides the spirit universe into three interconnected realms. As you journey, you may find yourself in:

  • Lower World – Connected to nature, animals, and the elemental forces. Appears earthly. Power animals and guides dwell here alongside ancients spirits.
  • Middle World – The astral plane reflecting ordinary reality. Access ancestral, collective wisdom. Perform healing work on soul aspects.
  • Upper World – Celestial realm of spiritual enlightenment, guides, and divine power. Receive inspiration and creative vision. Heal through light.

All worlds are accessible for knowledge and healing. Your spirit allies will guide you where most serves your higher purpose. Spend time exploring each realm on separate journeys.

Interpreting and Completing Your Journey

To integrate and conclude the journey:

  • Dialogue – Converse with spirit beings who appear. Ask how they can aid your path forward. Offer gratitude for their blessings.
  • Take notes – If something requires later interpretation make mental note and ask for clarity. Remain open.
  • Receive gifts – Accept tools, talismans, sacred objects, or powers presented to you in the journey. Thank the givers.
  • Return – As drumming fades, retrace your steps and visualize your return back through the entrance. Affirm you bring all learning and gifts with you.
  • Grounding – Once back, stand up and walk around. Touch objects around you and state where you are to reconnect with everyday reality. Eat or drink something.
  • Journal – Record the journey and any messages while fresh. Draw spirit beings encountered. Note insights gained.

Repeating this process trains your consciousness to access transpersonal realms at will to accelerate self-discovery, creativity, and empowerment.

Aftercare and Integration

Certain practices help integrate journeys for maximum benefits:

  • Get adequate rest after intense sessions which can be taxing.
  • Reflect on how insights apply to situations in your life. Find metaphorical meaning vs. literal.
  • Invoke and thank power animals or allies attracted during the journey. Request their continued assistance.
  • Create soul collages, mandalas, or dreamcatchers to give form to beings and symbols encountered.
  • Change behaviors or environments to align with guidance received.
  • Write down synchronicities or signs that confirm and expand on messages.
  • Share highlights with a shamanic practitioner for insight but keep private details confidential.
  • Check in with your journal over time to notice integrating journey wisdom into your daily life.
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Creating an Ongoing Practice

To make the most of shamanic journeying:

  • Commit to regular, disciplined sessions – weekly or during specific life transitions.
  • Vary your destinations – upper, lower, and middle worlds offer different teachings.
  • Gradually increase duration as you grow accustomed to altered states.
  • Explore additional trance triggers like nature immersion, dance, or chanting.
  • Strengthen relations with your power animals and spirit teachers over time.
  • Combine journal insights with divination tools like card pulls to clarify messages.
  • Learn protection techniques and maintain healthy skepticism if uneasy spirits arise.
  • Work with an experienced guide or shamanic circle to accelerate progress and accountability.

With skill and practice, you can unlock profound soul healing, unleash creative inspiration, gather life guidance, and reconnect with the magic of existence through access to the mystical realms within.

FAQ About Shamanic Journeying

Q: Is shamanic journeying safe for beginners?

A: It is generally safe with proper preparation. Those with serious mental illness should consult a doctor first. Have an experienced guide if possible.

Q: What is the light at the end of the tunnel some see when journeying?

A: It marks the entrance into non-ordinary states and spirit realms. Move towards it confidently knowing spirit guides await.

Q: How can I be sure my experiences aren’t just imaginary?

A: The wisdom, synchronous signs, and change in consciousness received demonstrate it’s more than imagination. But healthy discernment is encouraged.

Q: Do specific spirit beings have set meanings?

A: Certain archetypes like power animals have meanings, but ultimately rely on your intuition. A being’s significance is unique to your journey.

Q: Why do unpleasant spirits or imagery sometimes appear?

A: Facing inner “shadow” content is part of the healing journey. With practice, you gain mastery over consciousness and spirits attracted.

Q: Is journeying cultural appropriation?

A: Anyone can journey. But closed indigenous rituals should be avoided out of respect, as should claiming false indigenous heritage.

Q: How soon before I start having meaningful journeys?

A: Be patient with yourself. Consciousness expansion unfolds gradually.Consistency, surrender and trust in your inner wisdom deepens the process.

Q: Do specific dream symbols correspond to the shamanic realms?

A: Dreams often reflect journeys. Tunnels or descending may signal lower world access. Celestial themes can mark upper world visits.

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