Comparing 5 Top Crystal Pendulums for Healing, Dowsing, and Divination

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Hi there, crystal healing enthusiasts! Let’s talk about some incredibly beneficial and truly mind-blowing products that can help you harness the power of gemstones and crystals in your everyday life. These beautiful and mystical objects have been used since ancient times to ward off negative energies, promote healing, manifest desires, and much more! Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at some top-tier products in this category, analyzing their features, and exploring how they can help with your spiritual journey.

The use of crystals and gemstones for healing and divination work traces its roots back thousands of years. Cultures worldwide have recognized the power these natural treasures hold. Each unique stone embodies specific energies and attributes that can help enhance your meditation, Reiki, dowsing, or Feng Shui practices. These tools can promote prosperity, success, health, and an overall better sense of self. So, having the right set of pendulums, pendants, or runes can make a significant difference in your spiritual growth and well-being.

In this article, we’re about to embark on a journey through five amazing products: The Crystalmiracle Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums, the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Antique 6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant, the mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Faceted Crystal Pendulum, the GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum, and last but not least, DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set. Nothing too daunting, instead, a delightful journey exploring the magic these tools can bring into your life. So, let’s get started, shall we?

CRYSTALMIRACLE Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums Crystal Healing Reiki DOWSING FENG Shui Gift Metaphysical Powerful Meditation Psychic Energy Success Prosperity Health Wealth (#CommissionsEarned)

The CRYSTALMIRACLE Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums is more than a mere decorative item. Used predominantly for its metaphysical properties, these pendulums serve multiple purposes such as healing, dowsing, and divination.

Whether you seek to balance your chakras, locate energy fields, or seek guidance from your higher self, this multi-pack offers a wide range of enchanting gemstones to connect with your unique vibrations and needs. And, with fifteen distinct stones, you have a bounty of energy sources at your disposal.

What sets the CRYSTALMIRACLE set apart is its dedication to quality and diversity. Unlike single pendulums, this comprehensive set offers a more powerful meditation experience. You can match each pendulum to your mood, question, or healing pursuit, escalating the probability of attaining success, prosperity, health, and wealth.

The assortment also aesthetically pleasing; each pendulum is skillfully cut into a divine cone shape, ensuring they are as beautiful as they are heightened conduits of spiritual energy.

The CRYSTALMIRACLE Pendulums are designed to harness and focus the metaphysical power of gemstones. With each pendulum being a different gemstone, you can tap into a multitude of frequencies and tones.

The gemstones are believed to channel healing energy into the body. The cones help focus this energy, putting you in tune with your body’s needs and ailments.

These pendulums can also be employed for dowsing, tracing energy lines and locating resources or items. Their powerful psychic energy makes them a key instrument in such pursuits.

Considered as tools for communication with the higher self or the divine, these pendulums can be used for divination. Through subtle movements, they are believed to deliver messages or forecasts.

Crafted from genuine gemstones, each pendulum is uniquely formed and elegantly polished – a testament of a genuine investment in quality and craftsmanship. The gemstones included range from crystal quartz to black tourmaline, catering to a spectrum of needs and preferences.

Quality does not fall short with the CRYSTALMIRACLE pendulums. The craftsmanship is evident in each piece. They are robust, well shaped, and with a satisfying weight that confirms their authenticity. Their aesthetic appeal seamlessly complements their metaphysical qualities making them not just functional but also attractive pieces.

With such an inclusive set, you can explore different healing paths, strive towards new spiritual goals, and reach a deeper understanding of your inner self, thus increasing their invaluable worth.

  • Variety of unique, natural gemstones for a wide range of uses.

  • High-quality craftsmanship ensuring longevity.

  • Comprehensive set allowing the user to explore different metaphysical paths.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and can serve as a great gift.

  • The range of pendulums might be overwhelming for beginners.

  • The pendulum’s effectiveness is often reliant on user belief and skill, which might limit their effect for some individuals.

To summarize, the CRYSTALMIRACLE Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums stands out for its excellence, variety, and aesthetic appeal. It offers a broad experience for spiritual journeying, making it a standout choice among crystal pendulums for healing, dowsing, and divination.

Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Antique 6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant for Dowsing Divination Reiki Healing Meditation Pendant Penduluminclude 7pcs (#CommissionsEarned)

When it comes to meeting your spiritual, healing, and divination needs, your tool of choice becomes incredibly important. In our quest to help you find the best aid, we have turned our attention to the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Antique 6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant. With its key features and overall quality, it deserves to be among the top choices for both pros and beginners in divination and healing.

The Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Pendant is ideally designed for dowsing, divination, reiki healing, meditation, and balancing the body’s energies. It acts as a powerful instrument to seek guidance, discover hidden truths, locate misplaced objects, diagnose imbalances in energy fields and even facilitate decision-making making in your daily life. This crystal pendant is more than just a decorative piece; it is an incomparable companion in your spiritual journey.

What drew us to the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Pendant is its unique combination of physical beauty and spiritual functionality. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its finely cut crystal and antique detailing, but it is also impressively efficient in its spiritual uses.

Additionally, the pendant comes as a set of seven beautiful assortment of crystals, each representing the seven chakras. This feature makes it a versatile tool for those seeking to clear blocked chakras, or just as a beautiful fashionable accessory.

Importantly, the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Pendant serves its purpose excellently as a tool for spiritual and healing purposes. It possesses amazing features that make it stand out among other pendulums in the market.

The pendant is a tool for Reiki healing, a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that encourages healing. It helps to tap into and harness ‘Life Force Energy’ to promote healing and wellbeing.

Traditionally, pendulums have been used for locating water, gold, oil and other minerals. Today, spiritual practitioners use pendulums like this one for dowsing and divination, answering yes-or-no questions, determining allergies and to facilitate decision-making.

This crystal pendulum serves as a valuable meditation aid by focusing your mind and guiding your thoughts during meditative practices.

In terms of its overall quality, the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Pendant is every inch an exceptional product. The crystals are well-cut and colored, while the antique silver finishing gives a high-quality, vintage appeal. They are also sturdy and with proper care, can last for a long time without any fear of damage.

With multiple uses and properties packed into each piece, their quality is far beyond their priced value making them a great investment for anyone seeking to broaden their spiritual practices.

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Pendant is no exception.


  • Versatile with its multiple uses – from healing to divination and more.
  • High quality in both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Comes in seven assorted crystal colors representing seven chakras.
  • Beautiful and unique piece of wearable spirituality that doubles as a fashion accessory.


  • Being a natural product, the color and size of the crystals can vary slightly.
  • It may take some time and practice to get attuned to using pendulums if you’re a beginner.

Ultimately, the Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Antique 6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant is a fabulous pendulum choice. It is an asset for anyone intrigued by divination, healing, and spiritual growth. We hope you found this review informative and helpful as you continue on your spiritual journey.

mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set and 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum for Divination Dowsing Meditation Balancing (#CommissionsEarned)

The mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum is an exceptional tool for energy healing, divination, dowsing, meditation, and balancing. First and foremost, the main use of the crystal pendulum is to serve as a guide by translating subtle energies into a perceivable form. For example, you can use the pendulum for dowsing sessions to answer questions, find lost objects or tap into the energy fields around you.

One of the many reasons we approve of the mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum is the superb quality of the essential materials. The black obsidian is known for its powerful grounding and protective energy, potentially promoting clarity, strength and resilience.

Another fantastic aspect of this product is the 6 Faceted Crystal Pendulum. Six-faceted crystals are believed to radiate energy in all directions, providing a more potent healing effect. This design enhances the pendulum’s vibration and amplifies its ability to tune into subtle energies and intuitive insights.

This all-in-one solution provides a comprehensive tool for energy healing, meditation, divination and dowsing. It includes a collection of runes stones made of high-grade black obsidian engraved with 24 different ancient runic symbols. These stones can assist with a range of spiritual, emotional, and mental healing practices.

The 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum is exquisitely designed and intended for a more in-depth spiritual connection. It perfectly complements the runes stones, making this set a great choice for both beginners and seasoned practitioners of divination and energy healing. A velvet storage bag also comes with the set for easy transport and safekeeping.

The mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum stands out for its superior quality and thoughtfully curated elements. The detailed craftsmanship is excellent, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. Moreover, each stone is entirely natural and uniquely visually appealing, making the set valuable as both a spiritual tool and a piece of home decoration.

There’s a lot to admire about this rune stones set and crystal pendulum. Here are the main pros:

  1. High-Quality Materials: The use of natural black obsidian ensures a durable and effective tool.
  2. Versatility: The set can be used for various practices – from dowsing to meditation.
  3. Good Value: Considering the quality and the range of uses, this product provides excellent value for money.
  4. Detailed Guide: The product comes with a detailed guide for beginners on using the runes and pendulum effectively.

However, it’s worth noting a few potential drawbacks:

  1. Size of the Stones: Some users might find the runes stones relatively small, especially if they prefer larger stones for their readings.
  2. Weight of the Pendulum: Given the exquisite design, the pendulum can be a bit heavy, which might be uncomfortable for some users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum serves as a fine tool to enhance your spiritual practices. Its advantages definitely outweigh the minor cons, making it one of our top choices when it comes to crystal pendulums for divination, dowsing, and energy healing.

g Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Reiki Gemstone Chips Orgone Pendulum 6 Faceted Hexagonal Pointed Cone Resin Spiritual Pendant for Divination Wicca Energy Balancing (#CommissionsEarned)

GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is a unique piece of equipment especially crafted for spiritual purposes such as healing, dowsing, and divination. It incorporates the natural power of Lapis Lazuli, a gemstone known for its potent energy and healing properties, into a practical pendulum design. Primarily, practitioners use it for energy balancing, making it an excellent tool for Reiki and Wicca enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, trying to balance your chakras, or exploring divination, this pendulum can be a useful device in your spiritual toolkit.

We adore the GEHECRST pendulum, not just for its practical use in the metaphysical realm, but for its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship too. The attention to detail is impeccable, and it’s reassuring to know that the Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips inside are genuine.

Though the primary purpose remains spiritual, this pendulum also doubles up as a beautiful piece of ornamentation. You can use it as an accessory or a spiritual tool — the choice is yours.

With its hexagonal pointed cone made of resin, and filled with tiny Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips, the GEHECRST pendulum is a remarkable piece of spiritual equipment. One of the major highlights of this pendulum is that it features the ‘Orgonite’ effect, a claim to balance and harmonize environment energy.

Moreover, the orgone design aids in energy purification, making the product perfect for energy balancing and healing sessions. There’s even a silver alloy chain attached for simplified dowsing and divination.

The overall quality of the GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is high. The product feels sturdy in hand, indicating a well-made design and excellent craftsmanship. Furthermore, the weight is just right — neither too light nor too heavy — making it easy and comfortable to use for extended periods.

Notwithstanding, the genuine Lapis Lazuli chips add real depth to the pendulum, both in looks and performance. They provide a potent energy source that could help enhance your spiritual practices, affirming the product’s quality and effectiveness.

  • Beautifully crafted, combining aesthetics alongside functionality.

  • Incorporates genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips known for their powerful energy and healing characteristics.

  • Features an orgone design for optimal energy purification and balancing.

  • It comes with an attached silver alloy chain for easy handling.

  • It may be a bit pricey compared to less ornate pendulums.

  • There may be slight variations in size and color due to the natural makeup of the Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips.

In the end, the GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum stands out as a top contender among crystal pendulums. It combines craftmanship, beauty, and performance, making it a great addition to any spiritual practitioner’s toolbox.

DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set for Divination Dowsing Natural Amethyst Rose Quartz Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Quartz Reiki Gemstone Pendants Witchcraft Wiccan Accessories (#CommissionsEarned)

The DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set for Divination Dowsing Natural Amethyst Rose Quartz Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Quartz Reiki Gemstone Pendants Witchcraft Wiccan Accessories is an incredible set for a variety of metaphysical uses. Its primary use, as indicated by its name, is for divination and dowsing. It’s perfect for those who practice witchcraft, Wiccan, and other spiritual practices that employ divination and dowsing. It’s also great for anyone who simply appreciates the beauty and energy of healing crystals.

We absolutely love this product for several reasons. First would be the quality of the crystals used. The natural amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are not simply beautiful; they are believed to possess various metaphysical attributes that can improve your divination skills and increase your clarity and intuition.

We also adore the versatility of this product. Each pendulum in the set can serve a specific purpose based on its type of crystal. For example, the amethyst pendulum can you induce calmness and clarity, making it perfect for divination sessions where you need to tune into your intuition. On the other hand, the rose quartz pendulum is ideal for sessions where you want to tap into your heart’s wisdom or decipher matters of love and relationships.

The DUQGUHO Crystal Pendulum Set was thoughtfully designed to serve you in multiple areas of your spiritual practice. Each of the three pendulums included is expertly crafted from a unique healing crystal: natural amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Each crystal confers its unique energetic properties to the pendulum, making it a versatile tool for various healing and divining purposes.

Key features of these pendulums include a sturdy silver chain that ensures a secure grip when dowsing or divining. The pendulums are also sized appropriately, not too big to cause discomfort during long dowsing sessions, nor too small to affect the accuracy of your readings.

When it comes to quality, the DUQGUHO Crystal Pendulum Set truly shines. Its high-quality, authentic healing crystals combined with the sturdy workmanship of the silver chains result in an assortment that provides both beauty and longevity.

The natural Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz used in this set are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are revered in the metaphysical world for their unique healing energies. Each crystal is expertly polished to bring out its natural beauty, and the pendant shape enhances its vibrational energies for powerful dowsing and divination work.

As with any product, the DUQGUHO Crystal Pendulum Set comes with its strengths and weaknesses.


  • High-quality, natural crystals ensure authentic healing energy
  • Diverse set of pendulums caters to different healing and divination needs.
  • Sturdy silver chains ensure durability and stability during use.


  • Some users might find the weight and size of the pendulums uncomfortable, particularly during extended use.
  • The pendant shape of the crystals might not appeal to everyone’s tastes.

With these considerations in mind, it’s clear that the pros heavily outweigh the cons. The DUQGUHO Crystal Pendulum Set offers a fantastic balance of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal that can enhance any divination or dowsing session. Thus, it’s a must-have for anyone passionate about crystal healing and divination.

CRYSTALMIRACLE Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums

This set includes fifteen different pendulums each made from unique gemstones. Ideal for healing, reiki, and dowsing, these pendulums are reputed to increase attention to detail, wisdom, and help enhance psychic abilities. This set is perfect for those seeking diversity in their pendulum collection.

Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Antique 6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant

The Antique Crystal Pendulum is specially designed with six faces and comes with seven additional pendants. It’s a versatile tool allowing you to harness the power of different crystals. The energy of this pendulum is focused through the chakra crystal point, making it a powerful tool for divination and dowsing.

mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum

This pendulum set pairs the protective energies of black obsidian with the power of runes. In addition to the pendulum, the set includes a handful of runes stones ideal for divination, dowsing, and meditation. This set could be an excellent addition to a crystal healer’s or mediators collection.

GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

This pendulum is made from lapis lazuli, a high-frequency stone known for instilling peace and encouraging self-awareness. The pendulum features a hexagonal pointed cone and a chain that can be arranged in different configurations. It is an ideal tool for divination, wicca, and energy balancing.

DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set for Divination Dowsing

Included in this set are three pendulums made from amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. These gemstones are known to promote healing, intuition, and love. This set is perfect for beginners or seasoned pendulum users alike who want to increase their emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

Comparison Table

ProductQuantityCrystal TypesAdditional Features
CRYSTALMIRACLE Set15 PendulumsVariousReiki Healing
Antique 6 Face Chakra Pendulum1 Pendulum + 7 PendantsVariousCan be used for Divination
mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Set1 Pendulum + Rune StonesBlack ObsidianRune Stones for Divination
GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Pendulum1 PendulumLapis LazuliCan be used for Wicca and Energy Healing
DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set3 PendulumsAmethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear QuartzCan be used for Divination Dowsing

Crystal Pendulum Reviews:

In summary, all five products stand out in their distinctive ways, providing a wide range of benefits to those interested in gemstone therapy, crystal healing, and divination practices.

CRYSTALMIRACLE Exclusive Set of Fifteen Gemstones Cone Pendulums

Starting off with CRYSTALMIRACLE’s gemstone pendulums, this set stands out because of its myriad of options it provides – fifteen different gems, each known for their unique healing capabilities. This set could be the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to channel a wide range of metaphysical energies. However, it might be a tad overwhelming for beginners, who might find it difficult to discern and utilize the specific properties of each stone.

6 Face Chakra Crystal Point Pendant for Dowsing Divination

Perched on the more traditional end of things, this Chakra Crystal Point Pendant is perfect for those wanting to primarily use pendulums for dowsing and divination. This product comes with 7 pieces, making it a cost-effective option for practitioners.

mookaitedecor Black Obsidian Runes Stones Set & 6 Facted Crystal Pendulum

This set’s standout feature is the incorporation of Black Obsidian runesstones. These are highly special and capable of a range of energy manipulations. But on the flip side, it requires a distinct knowledge base to effectively use, meaning less experienced practitioners could potentially struggle with it.

GEHECRST Natural Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

Moving on, the GEHECRST’s Lapis Lazuli pendulum is archetypal of the trade – a versatile tool useful for anyone. With an additional benefit of its stunning natural appearance, it can also double as a piece of jewelry.

DUQGUHO 3 Pcs Crystal Pendulums Set

Lastly, the DUQGUHO pendulum set is a fantastic starter option for those newly acquainted to crystal healing. It’s straightforward, easy-to-use, and comes with three beautiful crystal pendulums – amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.


In essence, there’s a pendulum product for every range of experience level and interest. For beginners, it’s best to start with the straightforward Healing Crystal Quartz Reiki Gemstone Pendants by DUQGUHO. More experienced practitioners might gravitate towards the wide spans of the CRYSTALMIRACLE’s assorted set or the mookaitedecor’s Obsidian runes stone set.

While each product has its own pros and cons, it’s crucial that you choose the one that aligns with your personal needs and spiritual pursuits to reap the most benefits. Happy healing!

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