Scrying for Divination: Predicting the Future and Receiving Guidance

Scrying is an ancient divination practice that involves gazing into a reflective surface to receive spiritual visions and guidance. Throughout history, many cultures have used scrying for prophecy, communicating with spirits, and glimpsing into the future. This mystical art can provide deep insights into one’s destiny, relationships, and life path.

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A Brief History of Scrying

The use of scrying spans back over many centuries, with records dating to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Persia. The word “scry” comes from the old English word “descry” which means to “catch sight of something indistinctly.” Some of the most common scrying tools used in antiquity include fire, water, mirrors, crystals, oil, ink, and smoke.

Ancient magicians and shamans would stare into bowls of water, crystal balls, polished stones, and other media to induce a trance state and connect with the spiritual realm. They believed scrying could reveal omens, prophecies, and messages from gods, angels, spirits, and the dead.

Scrying has been associated with figures like Nostradamus and John Dee throughout history. It remains an essential practice in many pagan, occult, and New Age traditions today.

Common Scrying Techniques and Tools

There are many different tools and techniques used for scrying across various traditions:

  • Crystal ball: One of the most iconic methods. The crystal ball serves as a focal point for entering a meditative state.
  • Water: Also known as hydromancy. This can involve staring into a bowl of water, a pond, fountain, or other bodies of water.
  • Mirrors: A classic technique using any reflective surface from elaborate mirrors to bowls of ink.
  • Fire: Fire scrying or pyromancy has a long history, involving gazing into candle flames, bonfires, or embers.
  • Smoke: Capturing images in smoke from incense, tobacco, or other sources.
  • Oil: Oil scrying uses specially chosen oils poured into water or on other surfaces.
  • Crystals: Small clear quartz, obsidian, beryl, and other crystals can be used as scrying stones.
  • Ink: Also called ink blot scrying. This involves dropping ink into water and interpreting the shapes that emerge.
  • Shadows: Scrying into shadows, natural or candle-cast, to perceive images.
  • Clouds: Seeing shapes, symbols and signs emerge in the clouds.
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How to Scry for Divination

If you want to start scrying for divination yourself, follow these basic steps:

Choose Your Scrying Tool

Select a scrying tool that appeals to you whether it’s a crystal ball, bowl of water, mirror or something else. Make sure to cleanse and charge any scrying tools with incense, moonlight or sunlight first.

Set The Space

Create a calm, quiet space for scrying. Eliminate distractions. Dim the lights and play soothing music if you wish. Center yourself and set your intention.

Enter a Meditative State

Sit and gaze into your scrying tool, relaxing your eyes and mind. Breathe deep and slow. Allow your vision to soften and blur. Clear your thoughts and open your psychic perceptions.

Perceive the Images

Pay attention to any shapes, symbols, patterns, or visions that appear. Interpret the images intuitively. Keep an open, non-judgemental attitude.

Take Notes

Keep a journal to record any impressions, feelings, images you perceived. This helps discern meanings more clearly later.

Close the Session

When you are finished, gently draw your awareness back to your body. Close out the session by expressing gratitude. Later you can reflect on the journaled results.

It takes practice to develop scrying skills. Don’t get discouraged if messages are unclear at first. Relaxation and repeating the process improves extrasensory seeing.

Interpreting Signs and Symbols

Learning to decipher the meanings in scrying takes self-study and trusting your intuitive senses. Significant repeating shapes, colors, animals, people, numbers, letters, and patterns can hold insight.

Study symbolism related to astrology, tarot, animals, mythology, colors, and numerology to understand communiques from the unconscious and spirit world. Keep journals to record impressions over time. Comparing past results develops discernment.

Have patience, an open mind, and a willingness to explore your own psyche through inner work. The messages that emerge from scrying ultimately come from within. With practice, you’ll learn to unravel the personal significance of symbols unique to you.

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Scrying Benefits for Inner Growth

Beyond fortunetelling, scrying has value for self-reflection, meditation, and tapping into inner wisdom. As a mindfulness exercise, it can reveal deeper aspects of yourself and buried creative insights.

Some benefits of scrying include:

  • Accessing intuitive guidance from higher self
  • Exploring your subconscious and shadow self
  • Inspiring inner visions and creative ideas
  • Enhancing visualization and imagination
  • Developing psychic abilities
  • Contacting spirit guides and angels
  • Building focus, concentration, and interpretation skills
  • Empowering self-trust and confidence in your intuitive capacities

Overall, scrying allows mystics, occultists, and spiritual seekers to open their Third Eye and explore the fascinating depths within.

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FAQ about Scrying

What is the difference between scrying and crystal gazing?

Scrying is the overall term for seeing visions in reflective surfaces. Crystal gazing specifically refers to scrying with a crystal ball.

Is scrying dangerous or can it invite evil spirits?

Scrying is generally safe if using the proper precautions. Praying for protection, declaring positive intentions, or reciting the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram can help dispel any negative entities.

Do I need any special psychic powers to scry?

Anyone can learn to scry. With practice, it will help open up your innate intuitive and psychic abilities. Scrying enhances what’s already within you.

Can I scry for someone else or just myself?

You can scry on behalf of someone if you have their consent. Get permission from the person first to avoid any ethical issues.

How often should I scry for the best results?

When starting out, scry once or twice a week for short sessions of 10-20 minutes. Like any skill, consistency breeds progress.

Scrying provides a portal into unseen realms and deeper aspects of yourself. With an open mind and patience for self-study, this ancient art of ‘seeing’ can reveal guidance, develop intuition, and awaken inner gifts.