Mounts in Palmistry: The Hills That Reveal Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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In addition to lines and hand shapes, the mounts or “bumps” on the palm play a key role in revealing secrets about your talents, motivations, and areas for growth. Named after planets and gods, these fleshy mounds of tissue beneath each finger reflect attributes connected to their cosmic counterparts. By studying which mounts are most elevated on your hands, a palmist gains insight into your dominant traits and most influential archetypes guiding your choices.

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The Major Mounts on the Palm

There are 5 primary mounts on each hand. Here is an overview of their meanings:

Venus Mount

Located: Base of thumb

Influences: Beauty, artistry, relationships

Elevated: Strong aesthetic sense, passionate, graceful

Flatter: Lack aesthetic interest, reserved with emotions

Jupiter Mount

Located: Below index finger

Influences: Confidence, ambition, leadership

Elevated: Strong-willed, authoritative, driven to succeed

Flatter: Modest, indulgent, lacks confidence

Saturn Mount

Located: Below middle finger

Influences: Wisdom, focus, patience

Elevated: Disciplined, responsible, philosophical

Flatter: Impulsive, scattered, avoids difficult lessons

Sun Mount

Located: Below ring finger

Influences: Vitality, fame, individuality

Elevated: Charismatic, confident, pursues recognition

Flatter: Shuns spotlight, lacks vitality and identity

Mercury Mount

Located: Below pinky

Influences: Communication, wit, intelligence

Elevated: Quick-witted, sociable, high-strung

Flatter: Quiet, dislikes small talk, socially awkward

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Reading and Analyzing the Mounts

To properly interpret the mounts:

  • Compare relative elevations across all mounts in the palm
  • Assess if they are highly raised, moderate, or flat
  • Note which fingers have the fullest, firmest mounds
  • Check the flesh quality – soft, firm, thick, bony
  • Observe both dominant and passive hands
  • Synthesize with other palm features for an integrated reading

The most elevated and developed mounts reveal your strongest cosmic influences and personality traits. For example, high Venus and Jupiter mounts combined may indicate powerful creative self-expression.

Venus Mount Meaning

The sensual Venus mount divulges artistry and relationships:

Elevated Mount

  • Romantic, passionate, seductive
  • Appreciates beauty and the finer things
  • Drawn to arts, nature and harmony
  • Strong match if palm lines also graceful

Lower Mount

  • Down to earth practicality
  • Simple aesthetics and emotions
  • Values function over beauty
  • Less intrigued by romance or art
  • Sensible perspective on love

Jupiter Mount Meanings

The mighty Jupiter mount discloses confidence and aspirations:

Elevated Mount

  • Natural leadership abilities
  • Seeks status positions and fame
  • Ambitious drive and competitive zeal
  • Can indicate arrogance if excessively raised

Lower Mount

  • Content without power or prestige
  • Modest, generous and indulgent nature
  • Avoids limelight and assertiveness
  • Lacks motivation and confidence

Saturn Mount Meanings

The solemn Saturn mount reveals wisdom and discipline:

Elevated Mount

  • Responsible, dutiful, and ethical
  • Philosophic depth and practicality
  • Patience for hard work and challenges
  • Seriousness may lean toward melancholy

Lower Mount

  • More impulsive and pleasure seeking
  • Avoids difficult lessons and work
  • Difficulty seeing tasks through
  • Can indicate immaturity

Sun Mount Meanings

The bright Sun mount illuminates confidence and magnetism:

Elevated Mount

  • Radiates positivity, creativity and charm
  • Strong presence, energy and charisma
  • Drawn to performance and recognition
  • Risk of ego inflation if ungrounded

Lower Mount

  • Prefers anonymity over fame
  • Uncomfortable as center of attention
  • Energy and identity lacks projection
  • Prone to lack confidence

Mercury Mount Meanings

The nimble Mercury mount denotes wit and dexterity:

Elevated Mount

  • Quick mind, talkative, multitasking
  • Sociable, curious, clever and funny
  • Expressive hands, dexterous
  • Nervous energy if mount is too raised

Lower Mount

  • Thinks before speaking, quiet
  • Dislikes small talk or crowded events
  • Hands may lack finesse and agility
  • Restrained communication style
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FAQ About Palmistry Mounts

Can I have more than one elevated mount on each hand?

It’s common to have a few raised mounts with one being the most developed. Multiple influences shape personalities. However, too many elevated mounts can indicate contradictory excess.

Do low or flat mounts mean weaknesses?

Not necessarily weaknesses per se, just less focus on those energies. We all have high and low areas. Low mounts simply reflect more subtle skills versus overt talents.

Can mount meanings change based on hand shapes?

Yes, hand shapes provide context. For example, a raised Mercury mount complements air hands but may overwhelm water hands. Analyze mounts relative to the hand/person.

Is reading mounts a definitive guide to someone’s personality?

Palmistry combines science and art. Mounts reveal tendencies and talents, but don’t dictate who you are. Use them as part of a holistic assessment including lines, shape, and fingerprints.

Do palm mounts ever transform or change over time?

Mounts are generally constant, as they reflect your innate blueprint. But their relative elevation can shift subtly through aging. Palmists focus on the unchanging core tendencies shown.

While ancient in origins, palmistry remains relevant for providing hands-on insight into our strengths and growth areas. By honing the skill to decode your mounts and other palm features, you gain deeper understanding of your own complex story.