Scrying and the Unconscious Mind: Understanding Symbolism and Interpretation

One of the great mysteries surrounding the ancient art of scrying is how the visions and symbols that arise during the experience originate from the unconscious mind. By gazing into mirrors, crystals, water, and other media, scryers gain access to a rich landscape of archetypal imagery imbued with personal meaning. Learning to interpret these symbols is key to unlocking the transcendent revelations scrying can provide.

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Scrying and the Subconscious Realm

When entering into a light trance state during scrying, our conscious awareness dials back to allow space for the subconscious mind to emerge. This fosters a strong connection to our intuition and higher self that lies beneath waking reality.

Scrying activates the right hemisphere of the brain, correlated with creativity, symbols, and vivid imagery. Visions manifest from the same source that produces dreams, conveying insight through metaphor and mystic symbols.

This explains the otherworldly nature of scrying visions. The experience arises from non-rational parts of our psyche that speak the language of emotion, imagination, and mysticism. With practice, we can learn to decode these messages.

Key Elements of Scrying Symbolism

Several key traits characterize the symbolic nature of scrying visions:

  • Personalized – The unconscious mind taps into personal memories, emotions, and life experiences to construct relevant symbols. Different scryers see unique images.
  • Archetypal – Universal archetypes and motifs like death, rebirth, the Shadow, Anima/Animus manifest as a shared visual language.
  • Metaphorical – Images use metaphor and analogy to communicate deeper truths about the self and world. Literal meanings are not always clear.
  • Transient – Visions are often fleeting or morphing. Scryers must capture impressions and feelings communicated at the time.
  • Mystical – Symbols contain mystical layers of meaning that reveal teachings about consciousness and spiritual realities.

Learning to recognize and contemplate these layers of meaning is key to interpreting scrying symbolism. Keeping a consistent record of visions over time also reveals insight into the personal symbology emerging from your inner abyss.

Techniques for Interpreting Symbols

Here are some suggested techniques to start decoding the symbolism within your scrying visions:

  • Free association – Note down spontaneous thoughts, memories, and feelings that arise as you contemplate a symbol. See what intuitive connections form.
  • Method acting – Imagine yourself as a key image or archetype in a vision. How does “becoming” this symbol shift your perspective?
  • Compare/contrast – Identify similarities and differences between multiple symbols appearing together. Are they complementary or opposing forces?
  • Research – Look up historical and mystical meanings of traditional symbols like animals, numbers, elements, tarot cards, etc. that show up in visions.
  • Artistic expression – Draw or paint your imagery. Fresh creative insight often emerges during artistic rendering of elusive symbols.
  • Dream analysis – Apply techniques like free association and identifying emotional themes to scrying visions as you would dreams.
  • Meditation – Sit with a prominent symbol in meditation. Feel its energy and conceptual layers. Ask it questions.

Regular scrying practice combined with mindful symbolic contemplation will help unlock discernment to navigate your inner landscape with clarity.

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Common Scrying Symbols and Meanings

While personalized to each scryer, some traditional symbols have common interpretations to provide a starting framework for building your symbology dictionary:

  • Snake – Deceptive wisdom, shadow integration, rebirth
  • Owl – Intuition, wisdom, ability to see hidden truths
  • Butterfly – Transformation, rebirth, spirituality
  • Ocean – Emotion, spirituality, collective unconscious
  • Mountain – Challenge, accomplishment, higher perspective
  • Tree – Growth, psychic self, integration
  • Sun – Clarity, life force, creative power
  • Moon – Mystery, psychic energy, subconscious

Of course, always let your direct impressions guide interpretation. With consistent scrying practice and symbolic contemplation, you will learn to fluently read the messages bubbling up from your inner wellspring.


What is the unconscious mind?

The unconscious is the part of the mind containing memories, knowledge and repressed impulses beyond conscious thought. Scrying provides a window into this level of mind.

Why does the unconscious communicate using symbols?

Symbols allow the unconscious to convey concepts not limited by language. Metaphors connect to broader teachings embedded in the collective psyche.

How accurate are interpretations of scrying symbols?

Accuracy improves with diligent study of traditional meanings combined with an intuitive read based on feelings during a vision. Perspective may shift over time as well.

Can symbols in scrying visions be negative or disturbing?

Yes, the unconscious speaks honestly. Shadow integration, difficult truths, or mental blocks may arise.Evaluate calmly without fear. These symbols still provide insight.

Do visions need to be interpreted literally?

Rarely. Scrying imagery communicates through poetry, emotion, and mystic metaphor.Let go of logical assumptions to arrive at the symbolic meaning.

Can discussing visions with others help interpret symbols?

Yes! Each person notices different nuances. Dialogue provides perspective and helps unpack layers of meaning within symbols.

With presence and practice, you can learn to read the symbolic language of scrying visions – and unlock profound teachings from the still waters of your inner abyss.

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