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Freewill astrology is a modern approach to astrology that emphasizes free will and personal choice over fate and predestination. Developed in the 1960s and 1970s, freewill astrology represents a departure from traditional astrology’s focus on prediction and determinism.

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A Brief History of Freewill Astrology

The seeds of freewill astrology were planted during the cultural revolution and awakening of the 1960s. People began to reject rigid social structures and outdated beliefs. The New Age movement arose, with its emphasis on human potential, self-empowerment and personal growth.

Astrologers like Dane Rudhyar advocated a humanistic approach to astrology. He emphasized that humans are not passively acted upon by astrological forces, but rather actively participate in their unfolding. This view of astrology focused more on the present and future than prediction of concrete events.

The Pioneers

In the 1970s, astrologers Stephen Arroyo, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas further developed freewill astrology and helped popularize it. They shifted focus away from prediction and instead highlighted personal choice and self-realization.

Robert Hand was another pioneer who emphasized that astrology shows potentialities, not concrete outcomes. The most influential figure was astrologer Steven Forrest, who coined the term “freewill astrology” in the 1980s. His philosophy is that the stars impel, they don’t compel.

Key Principles of Freewill Astrology

Freewill astrology is based on several core principles:

  • Personal sovereignty: Humans have free will and ultimate sovereignty over their lives. The natal chart shows potentials and tendencies, not predestined outcomes. With awareness, any tendencies can be modified.
  • Present-focused: The emphasis is on the here and now, not concrete predictions about the future. The birth chart is a symbolic reflection of the psyche and can be interpreted as describing the person’s current state.
  • Growth-oriented: Interpretations are focused on personal development, self-actualization and evolving toward wholeness. The goal is greater self-knowledge and realization of potential.
  • Holistic: Humans are viewed as interconnected with the cosmos. But as centers of consciousness, they can choose how astrological energies are expressed.
  • Symbolic: The planets and signs are considered symbolic and metaphorical, rather than literal forces that control human fate.
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How Freewill Astrology Sessions Work

In a freewill astrology session, the astrologer helps you understand your natal chart as a reflection of your psyche, inner drives, tendencies and potentials. The session focuses on present life issues, not prediction. There are some key elements:

Taking an Active Role

You take an active role in the session, communicating what issues and questions you want to explore. The astrologer acts as a guide, but you drive the process.

Symbolic Interpretation

The astrologer interprets the symbols in your chart metaphorically as patterns in your consciousness. You discuss together how these patterns may be expressing in your life now.

Emphasis on Potentials

You explore the potentials, both realized and unrealized, described in your chart. The astrologer helps you understand your natural talents, tendencies and growth areas so you can make empowered choices.

A Growth-Oriented Dialogue

The tone is one of a growth-oriented dialogue, with both parties collaboratively exploring how you can express your fullest potential. Advice may be given about how to develop strengths or modify self-defeating patterns.

Focus on Self-Actualization

The ultimate focus is on self-actualization – how you can make the most of your talents and effectively manifest your goals and life purpose. You leave with a greater understanding of your psyche and tools for personal growth.

Benefits of Freewill Astrology

Freewill astrology offers many benefits compared to traditional astrology:

  • Promotes personal responsibility – You feel empowered, not fatalistic, about your life path.
  • Inspires growth and self-development – You gain insights into how to develop your potentials and fulfill your needs.
  • Encourages self-acceptance – You learn self-acceptance, rather than judging perceived flaws.
  • Provides psychological insights – You gain greater understanding of your inner workings, motivations and tendencies.
  • Clarifies life purpose – You gain clarity about your talents and passions, guiding you to meaningful life purpose.
  • Explores relationships – It offers insights into how to improve relationships by better understanding your own and others’ dynamics.
  • Deepens self-knowledge – Above all, freewill astrology leads to greater self-knowledge so you can live your fullest potential.

The freewill approach reminds us that we have choice in how our inner nature is outwardly expressed. We always retain our human capacity for conscious self-determination.

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FAQ About Freewill Astrology

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about freewill astrology:

Does freewill astrology still use natal charts?

Yes, freewill astrologers interpret the natal chart. But the emphasis is very different, focusing on psychological insights about inner potential vs. prediction.

Is astrology fate or free will?

Traditional astrology emphasized fate; humans were seen as passively acted upon by the planets. Freewill astrology stresses that the natal chart reflects potentials; expression depends on the choices we make.

Can your zodiac sign predict personality?

Your sun sign alone is not enough to predict your personality. Astrology considers the whole chart which includes many factors and complex interactions. Freewill astrology views the chart as revealing tendencies and potentials, not your pre-determined personality.

What is the point of astrology?

Freewill astrology’s goal is greater self-understanding, clarity about potentials, and empowerment to consciously direct your life. This facilitates personal growth and living your most fulfilling life.

Does astrology limit free will?

No, proper astrological understanding expands and enhances free will. When you know your inner nature, you can make choices to consciously direct how it manifests, rather than be controlled by unconscious compulsions.

Can you change your astrological fate?

The freewill philosophy is that life outcomes are not predestined. The birth chart reveals tendencies and potentials, but you have ultimate sovereignty in how your life unfolds. With awareness, fate can always be altered.

Freewill astrology provides an antidote to the fatalistic view of traditional astrology. It empowers people to take control of their lives and consciously create their future. By understanding inner potentials, we can make choices that allow our highest self to flourish.

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