2024 Presidential Election Astrology Predictions

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The 2024 United States presidential election is still a couple months away, but astrologers are already looking to the heavens for clues on what major planetary alignments and sign positions may foreshadow about the outcome. By analyzing the natal charts of potential candidates along with astrological trends leading up to November 2024, astrologers seek to make informed predictions on who has the greatest chances of winning.

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Frontrunners in 2024

Based on polls and political analysts, here are some of the frontrunners speculated to run in 2024:

  • Donald Trump – The incumbent president traditionally has advantage in re-elections. Trump likely seeks to get back in office after his 2020 defeat.
  • Ron DeSantis – The popular Republican Florida governor is considered Trump’s major rival for nomination.
  • Joe Biden – The current president has not ruled out running for a second term despite his age.
  • Kamala Harris – As current vice president, Harris has advantage in running as the Democratic nominee.
  • Gavin Newsom – The Democratic California governor has built national name recognition.
  • Nikki Haley – The former UN ambassador is positioning herself for a potential Republican presidential bid.

Astrology can provide additional insight into the prospects for victory for each candidate. Their natal charts and upcoming planetary transits reveal strengths and weaknesses.

Donald Trump’s Astrology

Trump was born with his Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, and Leo rising. Gemini makes him adaptable with Sagittarian boldness. Leo rising gives him confidence and charisma. However, it also indicates ego and seeking attention.

The 2024 election occurs right around Trump’s next Chiron return, which could indicate it is time to re-evaluate his approach. Transiting Saturn will also oppose his natal Venus and Jupiter, signifying obstacles to success.

Overall, Trump’s chart shows his abilities as a communicator but also tendencies toward exaggeration and avoidance of scrutiny. The 2024 election may prove a major challenge for him to overcome.

Joe Biden’s Astrology

Biden is a Scorpio Sun with a grounded Taurus Moon. His rising sign is Sagittarius. In 2024, transiting Uranus will oppose Biden’s Sun while Pluto squares it. This indicates major upheaval and transformation.

However, Biden also has fortunate Jupiter closely conjunct his Sun. Jupiter will receive harmonious trines from Neptune and Pluto in 2024, signaling possibilities for growth despite challenges.

In summary, Biden’s chart suggests he faces significant tests requiring agility. His determination and principled nature aid him, but the desire for change may work against re-election odds.

Ron DeSantis’ Astrology

DeSantis is a Virgo Sun with a Capricorn Moon. This earthy combination provides practicality and ambition. His Scorpio rising adds intensity and magnetism.

In 2024, transiting Jupiter will conjunct DeSantis’ Sun while trining his Moon. This suggests positive momentum. Uranus will also transit his midheaven, indicating a potential for increased fame and status.

The caveat is that DeSantis’ Mars squares nebulous Neptune. This can sometimes indicate evasiveness. The 2024 election may test how transparently he presents himself.

Kamala Harris’ Astrology

Harris is a Libra Sun with a grounded Taurus Moon. Her Aries rising makes her energetic and pioneering. In 2024, transiting Uranus and the north node will be conjunct Harris’ Sun-Moon midpoint. This shows positive change in partnerships.

However, Pluto will be square her Venus then. This transit can correlate with intense scrutiny of one’s social connections and relationships, which could play a role in the election.

Overall, Harris’ chart suggests she is articulate and charming. The 2024 election will likely focus heavily on her collaborations and alliances.

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Gavin Newsom’s Astrology

Libra is also Newsom’s Sun sign and he shares a Taurus Moon with Harris. His Sagittarius rising indicates a more philosophical and intellectual approach.

In 2024, transiting Saturn will conjunct Newson’s Sun while Pluto squares it. This signifies having to meet very high standards but also hints at transformation. Uranus will also oppose his Venus then, which could mean instability in relationships.

In summary, Newsom’s chart conveys an innovative thinker with high ideals who may face critical evaluation of his partnerships in the 2024 race.

Nikki Haley’s Astrology

Haley is a Capricorn Sun with a Leo Moon. She has a prominent political Saturn directly overhead in her chart. Her Aries rising provides determination.

In 2024, transiting Uranus will be almost exactly conjunct Haley’s Mercury while squaring her natal Pluto. This indicates disruptive events that affect communication. Saturn will also square her Venus then, which can create isolation or detachment in relationships.

Overall, Haley’s chart suggests a serious, disciplined approach but she may have to overcome some upheaval in 2024. Her natal Saturn gives endurance.

Other Potential Factors

In addition to the candidate’s personal charts, larger astrological alignments provide clues. For instance, Pluto will be in Aquarius then, signifying a revolutionary tone. Neptune in Aries may cloud or distort identities. Jupiter in Taurus and the North Node in Cancer suggest security will be sought.

The fixed Taurus Sun on election day also signifies maintaining the status quo rather than radical change. Incumbents may fare better in such climate. A Scorpio Moon indicates intensity and secrets emerging.

Looking at past elections, change tends to coincide with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in new elements like 2000 and 2020. The next is in 2080, favoring continuity.

2024 Election Astrology Predictions

Based on all these astrological factors, the frontrunner predictions are:

Republican – Ron DeSantis has breakout potential over Donald Trump based on transits. DeSantis’ earthy chart may have greater resonance then as well.

Democrat – Despite his age and transits, Joe Biden’s Jupiter may allow him to prevail for renomination over Harris. But hardship transits suggest an uphill battle.

Winner – DeSantis astrologically seems the slight favorite over Biden. His Jupiter return transit suggests success, while Biden faces more tension and upheaval.

Again, astrology provides assessment of potentials, not firm outcomes. Free will and actions still shape events. The stars impel rather than compel. Nevertheless, astrological alignment analysis can offer fascinating election insights.

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2024 Election Astrology FAQ

Do planetary returns predict presidential winners?

Major planetary returns like Saturn and Jupiter in a candidate’s chart can coincide with elections won, but don’t guarantee victory. Free will matters.

Which birth times are used for candidates?

Astrologers use published birth times like Trump’s 10:54am birth time. When unknown, a noon birth time is set. Varying birth times affect house placements.

Can election astrology predict the popular vote?

Astrology is better at gauging electoral outcomes. The 2000 election with Bush winning despite the Gore popular vote shows this distinction.

When are presidential debates shown astrologically?

Debates tend to happen under Mercury retrograde periods which create verbal mix-ups. Also watch for Mars triggers to heated exchanges.

Do eclipses predict the rise and fall of politicians?

Eclipses falling on a natal planet can coincide with pivotal moments in a politician’s career, either positively or negatively depending on other factors.

In summary, astrology provides added context ahead, but should not replace polling and political analysis. Ultimately the 2024 election will be decided by the voters, not just the stars.

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