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Cinnamon has long been used in spiritual practices and divination. The sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon is thought to attract positive energy and vibrations. Cinnamon holds different symbolic meanings in various forms of divination and spiritual work. Let’s explore some of the key meanings and uses of cinnamon in divination and ritual.

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Cinnamon in Hoodoo and Rootwork

In African American hoodoo and rootwork practices, cinnamon is considered a powerful herb for drawing in money, success, and love. Cinnamon’s sweet scent and energy are believed to draw desirable things your way.

Here are some of the key uses of cinnamon in hoodoo:

  • Money Drawing – Cinnamon is added to money drawing spells, oils, incense and sachet powders to increase wealth and prosperity. Burning cinnamon incense or anointing green candles with cinnamon oil can help draw money your way.
  • Success – Cinnamon can be used in rituals to bring success in career, school, and other life areas. It’s added to success spiritual baths, floor washes, and spiritual waters.
  • Love and Romance – Cinnamon adds sweetness to love spells and rituals. It’s used in love attracting charms and mojo bags. Burning cinnamon incense can increase passion and romance.
  • Luck – Cinnamon boosts luck in gambling and games of chance. It can be used in mojo hands for luck, or added to spiritual baths before placing a bet or buying a lottery ticket.

Overall, cinnamon’s warming, positive energy is used to draw in good fortune in hoodoo practice. It has become a staple herb for money drawing and success.

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Cinnamon in Candle Magic

In candle magic, cinnamon oil and powder are used to dress candles to boost spells. The magical properties associated with cinnamon in candle dressing include:

  • Money and Prosperity – Anointing green or gold candles with cinnamon oil attracts wealth and abundance. Rolling candle in cinnamon powder boosts financial gains.
  • Passion and Sexuality – Dressing red candles in cinnamon oil increases lust and sexuality. It’s excellent for romance and passion.
  • Healing – Adding cinnamon to white candles helps clear away negative energy and aids healing rituals.
  • Psychic Powers – Anointing purple candles with cinnamon oil enhances psychic abilities and intuition.
  • Protection – Tracing pentagrams and runes on candles with cinnamon oil adds protective power.

When using cinnamon in candle magic, fresh ground cinnamon powder and pure essential cinnamon oil work best. As you dress the candle, focus your intention clearly on the desired outcome of your spell.

Cinnamon Meanings in Dream Interpretation

In dream interpretation, cinnamon often signifies prosperity, luck, and positivity. Here are some key meanings associated with cinnamon dreams:

  • Dreaming of eating or tasting cinnamon indicates incoming money, improved finances, and abundance. It’s a positive omen of wealth.
  • Smelling cinnamon in a dream signals success and prosperity coming your way soon. Your finances and career look optimistic.
  • Receiving cinnamon as a gift in a dream means luck is on your side. Good fortune is heading your way.
  • Dreaming of adding cinnamon to food or drinks suggests you will spice up your social life and experience passion.
  • Cinnamon sticks in dreams point towards stability, security, and longevity, often in relationships and commitments.
  • Burning cinnamon incense or essential oil in a dream indicates you are effectively warding off negativity and protecting yourself spiritually.

Overall, cinnamon’s association with wealth, passion, luck and clarity make it a positive symbol across most dream interpretations. Pay attention to how cinnamon appears in your dreams for guidance.

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Reading Tea Leaves With Cinnamon

In tasseography or tea leaf reading, cinnamon has symbolic meaning if it appears at the bottom of the teacup.

  • Finding cinnamon sticks in tea leaf readings represents prosperity, security, and comfort coming your way. Finances will be stable.
  • Ground cinnamon at the bottom of the cup signals passion, romance, and a new relationship full of spice. An exciting new lover may come your way.
  • Cinnamon flavored tea indicates luck and positivity ahead. New opportunities will open up so be optimistic.
  • Unfinished cinnamon tea symbolizes gathering inner strength and courage. You will overcome challenges.

Take note of other symbols around the cinnamon in the cup for added meaning and insight into the timing of expected changes.

Reading Coffee Grounds With Cinnamon

In coffee ground readings, cinnamon indicates similar energies as tea leaves, pointing to:

  • Improved finances, money coming soon
  • A relationship heating up with chemistry and spice
  • Positive changes and opportunities ahead
  • Untapped talents and skills ready to emerge

Look for cinnamon images like sticks, powder, or the word itself in coffee grounds. Nearby symbols add details on how soon and in what area of life changes will occur. The size of the cinnamon image may reflect the scope or importance.

Cinnamon in Astrology and Numerology

Though not directly associated with any planets or zodiac signs in astrology, cinnamon relates to the elements of fire and earth. Cinnamon’s warming properties reflect the vibrant energies of fire. Its grounding earthy qualities evoke stability and security.

In numerology, cinnamon resonates most strongly with number 9, the number of completion. Cinnamon signals getting to the end of a cycle or journey, closure, and readiness for the next phase.

Summary of Cinnamon Meanings in Divination

In many forms of divination from candles to tea reading, cinnamon symbolizes:

  • Money, prosperity, and financial growth
  • Love, romance, and passion
  • Luck, positive energy, and good fortune
  • Protection, clarity, and focus
  • Completion of a life cycle and beginnings of something new

Next time you encounter cinnamon during spiritual work or divination, take note of its powerful energies. Harness cinnamon to manifest wealth, spice up romance, and attract sweet success into your life.

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FAQ About Cinnamon in Divination

What are the key meanings of cinnamon in divination?

Cinnamon commonly symbolizes prosperity, passion, protection, luck, and the completion of a life cycle. It represents positive energy and good fortune.

What kind of spells is cinnamon used in?

Cinnamon is popular in money drawing and prosperity spells. It’s also used in rituals for romance, success, healing, luck, and psychic powers.

What color candle should be used with cinnamon?

Green or gold candles dressed with cinnamon boost money spells. Red cinnamon candles increase passion and sexuality. Purple cinnamon candles enhance psychic gifts.

What does cinnamon mean if it shows up in tea leaves?

Seeing cinnamon sticks or powder in the teacup during a reading indicates prosperity, security, and comfort coming your way soon.

How is cinnamon used in coffee ground divination?

The appearance of cinnamon sticks, powder, or the word itself in coffee grounds signifies improved finances, relationships heating up, positive changes, and untapped talents emerging.

Is cinnamon associated with any astrological signs or numerology numbers?

Cinnamon relates to the fire and earth elements. In numerology, it resonates with number 9, the number of completion and preparing for new beginnings.

Why is cinnamon considered lucky and what does it attract?

Cinnamon’s sweet scent is thought to draw in positive energy. It’s believed to attract money, prosperity, passion, protection, and overall good fortune through vibrational magick.

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