Understanding Astrological Dice and How to Use Them

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Astrological dice, also known as astrodice or zodiac dice, are specialty dice used for divination and insight into astrological influences. Astrodice provide guidance by correlating dice rolls with astrological signs, houses, and planets. With origins stemming from ancient civilizations, modern astrodice continue to fascinate those interested in the mystical arts. Learning how to properly use astrodice can offer revelatory experiences for those seeking self-reflection and awareness.

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A Brief History of Astrological Dice

Dice have been used for divination and fortune-telling for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations utilized dice decorated with astrological symbols. These ancient dice were made of materials like stone, clay, bone, and wood. Specific symbols and images linked the dice rolls to signs and planets to provide divinatory meaning.

Astrological dice saw resurgence in the New Age spiritualism of the 1960s and 1970s. New designs emerged, often made of plastic or acrylic. The growth of gaming culture in the late 20th century also spurred interest in specialty dice like astrodice. Today, astrological dice come in a wide variety of styles and can be purchased online or in new age shops.

How Are Astrodice Used?

Astrodice are most commonly designed as 12-sided dice with each face depicting a different zodiac sign. To use astrodice, you simply cast or roll the die and interpret the resulting sign. Some methods recommend focusing on a question or issue before rolling the die. The sign that turns up is meant to offer insight about the situation.

Other astrodice may have faces with astrological houses, planets, or phrases. Rolls are analyzed based on the corresponding astrological meanings. Astrodice with multiple dice can provide even more detailed information based on the combinations of rolls. Some sets may come with interpretation guides to explain the significance of each symbol or roll.

Advanced astrodice users will take into account astrological timing when using the dice. Rolling dice during relevant astrological transits or alignments may enhance divinatory results. Tracking rolls over time can also reveal enlightening patterns and synchronicities. Overall, being open to both rational analysis and intuitive interpretation is key to getting the most out of astrological dice.

Tips for Using Astrological Dice

Here are some tips to get the most insightful and revealing readings from your astrodice:

  • Clear your mind – Before rolling the dice, take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Try not to focus on desired outcomes.
  • Focus on a question – Have a specific situation or issue in mind when rolling. Avoid vague or overly broad questions.
  • Roll with purpose – Put energy and intent into the roll. Rolling gently or softly can lead to ambiguous results.
  • Record your rolls – Writing down your rolls over multiple readings can unveil patterns and connections.
  • Reflect on meanings – Carefully contemplate how the astrological symbol relates to your situation. Let interpretation arise intuitively.
  • Have patience – Astrodice provide guidance, not definitive answers. Insights may unfold over time and with perspective.
  • ** Combine with birth chart** – For personal questions, compare dice rolls to your natal birth chart for additional relevance.
  • Consult astro resources – Reference books, websites and astrologers can provide greater understanding of astrological dice symbols and meanings.
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Selecting Your Astrological Dice

With many styles of astrodice available today, choosing dice that align with your preferences and needs is key. Here are some factors to consider when selecting astrodice:

  • Design – Simple zodiac sign dice or more complex sets with planets or houses
  • Materials – Plastic, wood, gemstone or metal dice based on aesthetic tastes
  • Size – Larger or jumbo dice can be easier to read
  • Number of dice – Single dice for straightforward rolls or multiple dice for complex rolls
  • Cost – Inexpensive acrylic or pricier high-end materials like semiprecious stone
  • Carrying pouch – Pouch for safe storage and transportation of dice
  • Interpretation guide – Reference guide with astrological meanings provided for dice rolls

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced astrology enthusiast, thoughtfully selected astrological dice can become a treasured divination tool for self-reflection and insight.

Astrological Dice FAQ

What are astrological dice used for?

Astrological dice are used for divination, fortune telling, and gaining insight into questions, decisions, or situations in your life. Rolls are interpreted based on corresponding zodiac signs, planets, houses and other astrological symbols.

How do you read astrological dice?

To read astrodice, focus on a specific question and then roll the die or dice. Interpret the symbols that turn up based on their astrological meanings. For multi-die sets, read the combination of symbols that result from the roll. Refer to any included interpretation materials.

Are astrological dice accurate?

The accuracy of astrodice is subjective, like other forms of divination. How meaningful the results are depends on the user’s intuitiveness, self-reflection, and openness to the interpretation. Astrodice serve as a reflection tool, not necessarily a predictor.

Can you buy astrological dice?

Yes, astrological dice are sold online at many retailers that specialize in new age and mystical products. Brick-and-mortar new age shops, gift stores, and gaming stores may also carry astrological dice. Quality and materials vary so read product details and reviews.

How do you make your own astrological dice?

To make your own astrodice, purchase blank dice or dice molds along with paint or sticker symbols for the zodiac signs, planets, etc. Craft stores carry blank dice and craft paints suitable for DIY astrodice. Ensure symbols are applied evenly and allowed to dry fully before using homemade astrodice.

Astrological dice offer a unique way to access astrological guidance for self-reflection, decision making, and gaining perspective. With an open mind and patience with interpretation, astrodice can become an enlightening divination practice.

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