Trauma Energy Healing: A Guide to Releasing Emotional Pain

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Trauma and emotional pain can severely impact our lives. Whether from a singular traumatic event or accumulated stress, trauma becomes locked in the body and psyche, causing ongoing suffering. The good news is that healing is possible. Energy healing modalities provide ways to release old traumas and emotional blocks, bringing lightness and freedom.

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What is Trauma?

Trauma results when we experience something emotionally or physically overwhelming, causing a sense of helplessness and disruption of normal life. Big ‘T’ traumas include violence, accidents, abuse, war experiences and natural disasters. Small ‘t’ traumas can arise from emotional neglect, oppression, surgery, falls, bullying and more. Even minor traumas accumulate, leading to anxiety, depression, addiction and physical symptoms.

Trauma gets locked into the nervous system, cells and energy field. The body remembers. Healing requires releasing old energies and learning self-care to establish safety in the here and now.

How Energy Healing Helps

Conventional talk therapy accesses trauma through the mind. Energy healing works directly with the body and energy field to release old emotions and limiting beliefs. It clears trauma from the tissues, nervous system and energy centers (chakras).

Benefits of energy healing for trauma:

  • Releases stuck energies related to past events
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Restores inner peace and wholeness
  • Revives the body’s natural healing ability
  • Dissolves energy blocks and heaviness
  • Instills a sense of safety in the world
  • Opens the heart to give and receive love
  • Frees you to live a joyful life

Types of Energy Healing

Many modalities can help clear trauma on the energy level. Here are some of the most effective:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT, also known as ‘tapping’, uses the hands to stimulate acupressure points while tuning into an issue verbally. This restores balance to the energy system, releasing traumatic feelings and beliefs. Studies confirm EFT’s effectiveness for PTSD.

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

TRE uses movement and breathwork to discharge trauma from the body. Gentle exercises bring awareness to areas holding tension. As the body trembles, shakes and relaxes, old energies release. Regular practice reduces anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms.

Somatic Experiencing

This body-awareness approach helps reset the nervous system to a calm, balanced state. By noticing body sensations and subtle energies, trauma can unwind from the tissues. It works to restore inner regulation and trust.

Reiki Energy Healing

During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels universal energy into the recipient’s energy field, breaking up dense areas related to emotional pain. Feelings of peace and relaxation can begin the inner healing process.

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Crystal Healing

Certain crystals have the ability to absorb negative energies and restore light to aura. Crystals can be placed around the body, creating a nurturing energy field to promote healing. Stones like black tourmaline and shungite help clear trauma specifically.

Massage & Bodywork

Forms like craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and rolfing help release trauma stored in fascia and muscles. Deep tissue work reaches tension held from traumatic memories. Gentle touch brings embodiment and dissolves energy blocks.

Lifestyle Adjustments for Healing

While energy healing provides deep release, daily self-care practices are also vital. Yoga, breathwork, meditation, time in nature, therapy and support groups help integrate the changes that come with releasing trauma. Creating safety and adding nurturing activities stabilizes mood and health.

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FAQs: Trauma Energy Healing

How many sessions of energy healing are needed to address trauma?

It depends on each person and the severity of the trauma. For a single event trauma, 1-4 sessions may do the job. For small ‘t’ or complex trauma, it’s ideal to start with 4-6 sessions and reassess. Regular sessions lead to deeper benefits long-term.

Will energy healing uncover repressed memories?

Energy work facilitates release of blocked emotions, sensations and beliefs. Specific memories may arise, or just a general sense of resolving old pain. It’s gentle healing, not a forced dredging process. Discuss concerns with your practitioner.

How soon will I feel better after an energy healing session?

Some feel lighter immediately. For deep traumas, shifts happen over hours, days or weeks. Each session builds on the next. Keep a journal to record changes. Emotions may increase temporarily before they settle at a new baseline.

Does energy healing help with anxiety, depression and PTSD?

Yes, clinical trials and experience show energy modalities like EFT, TRE and Reiki greatly benefit these conditions. By releasing subconscious fears and stress, symptoms are relieved at the root. Other therapies synergize for full healing.

Is energy healing safe for trauma survivors?

Energy healing is very gentle and based on consent and comfort. Still, guidance under an experienced professional is important for sensitivity. They can tailor the work and pace appropriately. Feeling heard and empowered is essential to the process.


Trauma causes ongoing suffering, impacting health, relationships and performance. Energy healing modalities provide a direct way to efficiently release trauma from the body and mind. Regular sessions help clear even old, stuck energies and beliefs, allowing inner freedom and expansiveness. Along with lifestyle changes to build safety and support, trauma energy healing puts you on the path to deep healing and thriving.

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