The Role of Intuition in Scrying: Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Scrying is the ancient practice of looking into a reflective surface to tap into one’s psychic abilities and gain insight into the past, present or future. It’s a powerful form of divination that relies heavily on intuition and an openness to receive messages from one’s higher self or spirit guides.

Developing strong intuition is key for getting the most out of scrying. Your intuition is your inner guidance system – it’s the part of you that “just knows” things without conscious reasoning. Strengthening this inner voice takes time and dedication, but the payoff is immense. A finely tuned intuition supports all areas of life and deepens your connection to your own inner wisdom.

Trust Your Gut: The Basis of Intuition

Intuition arises from the energy center below your navel, known as the sacral chakra in Eastern traditions. This is your “gut instinct”, that visceral feeling of rightness or wrongness you get about a situation. Learning to trust those gut reactions is fundamental to developing intuitive abilities.

Start paying close attention to your gut feelings and bodily sensations. Notice when you feel expansive or contracted in response to certain people or situations. With practice, you’ll get better at deciphering the messages coming through.

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Tune Into Synchronicities

Synchronicities – strange coincidences or repeated symbols and patterns – are a way for intuition to grab your attention. Make a point of noticing synchronicities throughout your day and contemplate their meaning.

Perhaps you keep seeing repeated number patterns like 111 or 222 everywhere. Numerologists consider these “angel numbers”, a sign you’re aligned with higher guidance. Paying attention to synchronicities puts you in a receptive mindset to receive intuitive insights.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is like giving your intuition a direct line to speak to you. As you quiet your rational mind, subtle impressions can come through from deeper aspects of yourself. Over time, the insights gleaned from meditation accumulate into greater intuition.

Even just 5-10 minutes per day of focusing on your breath and emptying your mind can enhance intuition. Silencing your inner chatter allows that “still small voice” within to come through.

Keep a Dream Journal

Dreams are messages from your subconscious and can contain highly intuitive guidance disguised in symbolic form. Recording your dreams immediately upon waking lets you “capture” more of the ephemeral images and emotions.

Notice any insights, recurring themes or synchronicities between your dreams and waking life. See if you can decipher the deeper meaning in dreams that feel significant. Your dreams often know you better than your rational mind!

Practice Reading People’s Energy

Intuition allows you to sense beyond just the physical plane. Try “reading” people’s energy field when you meet them. Do you feel warm, cold, relaxed or uncomfortable? Just be open and non-judgmental in your observations.

Pay attention to sudden body sensations like chills, tension, heaviness or lightness when interacting with certain people. Your intuitive hits will get more pronounced with time.

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Ask for Guidance

Don’t forget to directly ask your higher self, spirit guides and benevolent beings of light for intuition and guidance. Make the request sincerely from your heart before going to sleep or upon waking. Be receptive to any visions, words or feelings you receive.

Even if guidance doesn’t come in that moment, maintaining the intention helps align you energetically with higher support. You’re more likely to notice intuitive insights throughout the day when you actively invite them in.

Choose a Focus for Your Scrying Session

Now you’re ready to begin scrying into a reflective surface to receive intuitive guidance! Choose a specific question or area of life you need insight into. This gives your intuition a focal point.

Phrase your question positively if asking about the future. For example, “What new opportunities for abundance are opening up for me?” rather than “Will I ever have enough money?” Hold the focus lightly in your mind as you begin gazing.

Prepare Your Space

Set up your scrying space in a quiet room free from distractions. Cover windows to dim the light. Place your scrying mirror or crystal ball on a table draped with a dark colored cloth. Use a candle placed behind the scrying surface as a light source.

Surround yourself with soothing objects like crystals, flowers, sage or palo santo to create a meditative ambiance. Play soft instrumental music if you wish.

Ground and Center Your Energy

Sit comfortably in front of your scrying surface. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Release stress or tension from your body on the exhale.

Visualize roots growing from your base chakra down into the earth, grounding you. Next, visualize a line extending up through your spine out the top of your head, connecting you to the heavens. Feel centered and aligned.

##Invoke Higher Guidance

Before gazing, sincerely ask your spirit guides, higher self, or Divine source of wisdom to come through and reveal what wants to be known. You can say the invocation aloud or in your mind. The key is putting out the intention clearly.

##Open Your Mind’s Eye

Relax your eyes and gaze openly into your scrying mirror or crystal, keeping about 2 feet distance between you. Let your eyes go soft and a bit unfocused without straining. Breathe slowly and deeply. Hold a receptive pose free of expectations.

Let any colors, shapes, symbols or visions arise. Your intuitive mind communicates through a rich symbolic language in scrying. Embrace whatever wants to show up without judgment or analysis.

##Record Impressions in a Journal

Keep a notebook handy to record any impressions that come up. Writing things down right after scrying captures details that may fade from memory. Review your journal later to synthesize insights.

Don’t get caught up in interpreting as you gazey symbols may unfold over time. But do jot down quick sketches of images, physical sensations, emotions or words received.

##Practice Divining in 3 Stages

For best results, divide your scrying practice into 3 stages:

  1. Absorption – Loosen physical gaze, absorb sensory input
  2. Association – Let intuitive impressions arise, make associations
  3. Interpretation – Analyze meaning through logic and context

Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. Let insights marinate before interpreting. Give your intuition space to speak.

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Trust Your Abilities

Remember there’s no “right” way to scry! Whatever impressions you receive are valid. The more you practice, the stronger your scrying abilities will become. journaling creates feedback so you learn to recognize intuitive hits.

Have fun exploring this timeless art of divination. Scrying develops intuition and psychic senses that serve you far beyond the scrying table. With an open mind and devoted practice, you’ll gain the confidence to trust your deeper wisdom.


What is the best scrying surface to use?

The most popular scrying surfaces are mirrors and crystal balls. Dark scrying mirrors made of black glass or obsidian are ideal. For crystal balls, black onyx, clear quartz and amethyst are great choices. Natural reflective surfaces like water or a crystal cluster also work. Choose what calls to you!

When is the best time to scry?

Early morning hours right after waking, late at night before bedtime, and during the full moon are energetically aligned times for scrying. These periods tend to be quieter with less mental clutter, which allows intuitive impressions to come through more clearly.

How can I determine if my scrying results are accurate?

Keep a journal over time to notice if symbols or visions manifest in real life. Pay attention to your body’s signals – expansive sensations indicate truth while contractions signal caution. Divination is an interpretive art, so discernment is key. But with practice your accuracy will improve.

What should I do if I don’t see any visions while scrying?

Don’t get discouraged if images don’t appear right away. Relax your focus, breathe deeply and allow your intuitive mind time to warm up. Scrying develops in stages over regular practice. Silent periods are actually a sign you are going into a receptive trance state perfect for scrying.

Can scrying attract unwanted energies?

Like any divination method, scrying can carry risks if approached carelessly or with low vibrational intentions. Protect yourself by envisioning a sphere of white light surrounding you and affirming only highest good may enter. Keep your energy and space cleansed and grounded.